In a perfect world, your kitchen remodel budget would be low enough for you to get the job done and go for smoothies after!

But that’s just not how things work. With the economy as unpredictable as it is, and building rates skyrocketing, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But, you can at least make the cake accessible.

In case you haven’t realized it, the cake in question is your budget!

Let’s Break It Down…

Before we explain how your budget can be lowered, let’s figure out the average budget for a kitchen remodel.

On average, according to our experts at Kitchen-N-Catch, remodeling jobs can cost anywhere between $75 to $250 per square foot. So you might be expected to spend between $12k and $35k for the whole kitchen. Then again, this number will change based on the size of your kitchen, the type and quality of the materials used, and if you’re changing its layout.

With a small, cozy kitchen, you can set your budget at around $10k–$15k. But if you’re adding custom cabinets, granite counters, upgraded sinks, and a tile backsplash—the works—it could go upwards of $30,000.

It’s all up to you. But if you want to spend a lot less, just keep in mind that whatever you spend on your kitchen remodel will be reflected when you sell the property. The same is the case if you spend a small fortune. Either way, with a good budget, you can definitely add to the property’s value.

What Can You Add to Your Kitchen Space?

What Can You Add to Your Kitchen Space?

Refreshed Cabinets

Now, as a company that offers kitchen cabinets in Torrance CA, you might wonder why we’re not recommending you have yours ripped out for new ones. The truth is, kitchen cabinets should only be replaced if you know they won’t be able to support your kitchen design, or if they’re on their last leg. Remember, kitchen cabinets are an investment. We don’t want you to regret your decision.

So if you believe that your kitchen cabinets only need minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint, go for it! If not, find a contractor (like us) who you know will offer the best cabinets that are within your budget.

A Better Layout

A better layout

One of the biggest mistakes that add to a remodeling budget is dramatic layout changes. Changing the spot of your refrigerator is one thing. Doing a complete 180° and switching out the sink, dishwasher, and stove space will spike up your budget.

Instead, make use of the extra space in your kitchen and talk to a professional kitchen remodeling contractor about possible layout changes that will not only cut down on your budget, but also save time.

Looking for a Professional?

Whatever your decision may be, never give the go-ahead without talking to a professional.

Kitchen-N-Catch is a reliable name in the Torrance, CA community. To learn more about best kitchen remodeling in Torrance CA and home renovation projects, contact us and book a consultation. We’ll guide you the right way!

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