The remodeling company’s representatives are about to arrive at any moment, but you just thought of something; what should I even expect from this bathroom remodel?

Sure, a renovated bathroom, for one thing! But apart from that, should you prepare yourself for any troubles ahead?

First of all…

Bathroom renovations are nothing to be afraid of. They’re necessary, and while your home will get messy, it’ll all be worth it in the end. And by taking the right steps, you can prepare for anything the task will throw at you, such as:


Drop clothes are non-negotiable, otherwise your contractors will track dust all over the house. Old tile removals, drywall sanding—these processes cause a lot of dust to gather. Make sure to try to concentrate all activities in one spot. And for additional help, use an exhaust fan so the dust can be pumped outside.

Lots of MaterialLots of Material

If you’re having your bathroom completely renovated, expect to see a lot of tiles, hardware, fixtures, and a lot more! All this material will be laid out according to how it’ll be used. You should also expect to receive even more material as the days go by. Schedules and installation delays will extend the deadline, so try to plan the remodel well in advance.

No Bathroom

Of course, your bathroom won’t be usable for the time being. In this situation, you’ll need to come up with a temporary solution. Your bathroom remodeling consultant Torrance CA will have the resources to set up a fiberglass shower unit and a toilet set-up, but it will cost extra. Nevertheless, it’ll be worth it because you won’t have to call on the neighbors at 2 in the morning because you need to use the washroom.

Unexpected Delays

Aside from shipment delays on materials, other factors such as design problems, paperwork, and others may cause delays. Also, considering you’re going for an all out renovation, there will be other fixes to make first, regarding the tiling and the pipes. You may even want the design structure of your bathroom completely changed. Whatever it is, just be communicative with your bathroom design consultant Torrance CA and keep an open mind regarding the design.

A Gorgeous Result

But this comes with a caveat; you’ll need to choose the right company for your home renovation projects. For example, if you’re in Torrance CA, we’re your best bet! Bringing experience and creativity to the table, Kitchen-N-Catch can have your bathroom renovated to just how you want it. Just be sure to let us know the details and you’ll surely get the bathroom you always dreamt of!



While hectic, the process of modernizing a bathroom can be very rewarding. Just be well-prepared for any curveball and you should have everything you need for managing a well-organized bathroom modernization!

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